1 year ago

How Kaatsu Belts and Slow Weight Training Can Help Grow Your Muscles

Based on studies, even slow weight training can create exactly the same advantages in health and fitness as high-intensity and heavy weight training. Specially when kaatsu belts are used, slow weight training can give astonishing results.

2 years ago

Build Bigger Muscles More Easily by Doing Workouts with Resistance Bands

As proven in many different studies, it is possible for you to build muscles even by lifting lighter weights as long as you do it using occlusion. The result will be the same as when you train with heavy weights without occlusion. The possibility of building bigger muscles by lifting light weights is good news for those who want to train more, or those who have physical limitations that don’t allow them to lift very heavy weights. In short, this kind of resistance workout will allow you to gain bigger muscles without doing much damage to the muscles.